About Us

The AMBROSETTI DANIELE company, active in metal wire industry machinery Representation and Sales, was founded in 1965 by AMBROSETTI EMILIO, Daniele's father,  in representation of historical companies in the metallic wire field, today the company has become specialised in 10 to 800 Ton Hydraulic and Mechanical PRESSES, MOULD MAKING FOR SHEARING – DRAWING – BENDING, WIRE STRAIGHTENING, 3D / 2D BENDING MACHINES and ELECTRONIC AND MECHANICAL SKID BENDING MACHINES, DEDICATED LINES CUSTOMISED FOR OUR CUSTOMERS' NEEDS (I.E. TRANSFER). Some types of raw material that can be used, for example in: Shaping, Coating or Stamping of Tubing, Flat wire and wire include: Fe 37 (soft) , Stainless Steel, Inconel, Brass, Aluminium, Zamak, Harmonic Steel (for springs C72 – C85 – C90), etc.


We work with: BIKO srl, a leading company in the rolling press industry. We have no limits in the thickness of the sheet metal to be rolled.  Whatever needs you have, you can bring to us.

We are specialised in promoting machines for metal wire welding and creating grilles of various shapes and sizes. We build machines for any need, from super fast to welding machines and assemblers with production tailor sized for the item being built such as: BIRD CAGES, CLOTHING RACKS (full wire or mixed tubing and wire), various format DRUMS from those used in DISHWASHERS to the REFRIGERATION SECTOR, heavy-duty FENCING for livestock and lighter MESH for use in various household and industrial sectors. On-line assistance is provided in support of all these systems.


For any further clarification we are at your complete disposal. Simply fill in the contact form and you will receive the requested information immediately.