Numalliance 3D Benders

Spearheading CNC Bending Industry

NUMALLIANCE : the leading brand for global solution in cold forming of wire, tube and flatstock


NUMALLIANCE prizes itself in delivering value-added solutions for stand alone or integrated work cell to bend, shape and form Wire, Tube and Flat-Stock. The ISO 9001 Certified company has developed knowledge beyond bending: press operations, notching, coining, chamfering, welding, threading, stress relief or 3D control.


NUMALLIANCE is the sole brand in the industry able to reach out to all sectors on all continents. Automotive, Aeronautics, Point of Purchase, Furniture, Lawn and Garden or home appliances, as well as Medical, all industries rely on the powerful capabilities of the company.


The Group is constituted on 4 “European Pillars” of the Wire and Tube cold forming expert companies that stem their roots some 140 years ago. Years of knowledge in innovation brought NUMALLIANCE to an unrivalled level of excellence.

CNC Machine Bending Wire, Tube, Flat-Stock and Spring

Solutions, solutions, solutions


NUMALLIANCE is never short of innovation and shares them through tight partnerships with its valuable customers.


Standard Feed and Form


Standard solutions range from 2 to 7 servos and wire capabilities up to 16.0mm - 5/8”. The brand has been recognized for its unconventional way of bending material: combining and interpolating those servos NUMALLIANCE offers 3 different bending capabilities: nose, pin or mandrel and hybrid –combination of nose and mandrel. Know-how is centered on wire bending, but the group has branched out to tube, flat-stock and spring manufacturing.


Cut-to-length, Camless Multi-Slide


If mechanical four-slide are becoming part of the past. NUMALLIANCE also venture in that arena with hard-tooled, CNC driven and Camless multi-slide. Long change-over, spillage and breakage are one step closer to the extinction with this new technology. NUMALLIANCE create a range of solution for cut-to-length fostered from its experience of mechanical machinery.

CNC Machine Bending Wire, Tube, Flat-Stock and Spring custom solution


Custom Solution


Whether you are looking for a special line of equipment for a dedicated part or an evolutive and flexible work cell, NUMALLIANCE developed a range of equipment that can integrate its own or third party secondaries.

Global Presence: Locations & Subsidiaries


LATOUR: The Dean Corporation, Bazeilles site


Celebrating 140 years of existence Latour was initially founded as a hand tool manufacturer and evolved to machinery. Later on the company combined its mechanical expertise in developing the Robomac line the workhorse for CNC Wire bending industry and integrated Servo on multi-slide creating the NUMAC, the Servo Camless Multi Slide equipment for high volume, high speed and tight tolerance requirements.


MACSOFT: The CNC Pioneer, Saint-Michel-sur-Meurthe site


World of wire bending would probably be different if it was not for Macsoft. Started by Joel Etienne –current CEO of the Group- out of the principle : “There must be another way to bend wire”. The start-up created the first 3 servo wire bending machine, at the same time launching what will become the “F Line. Few years later the Macsoft launched the FX whose bending capabilities enables tube bending and features the iconic “double bend”. The combination of the movement generates two bends in one movement.

Photo of Satime place

SATIME: The One-stop-shop for secondaries, La-Selle-en-Luitré site


Round, square, oval, coin, pierce, notch, twist…you name it, Satime knows an efficient and effective way of “torturing” material. Satime holds several patents in that field as the scope of application branches in all industries.


SILFAX: Expertise in Tube Bending


With the acquisition SILFAX one of the prominent name in the tube bending world, NUMALLIANCE enhances its product offering, and increases its visibility in the Air and Space industries:


NUMALLIANCE North America - Advanced Technology Center


NUMALLIANCE North America was founded 6 years ago through the buyout of its leading representation on the continent. Located in the vicinity of Chicago, NUMALLIANCE North America Advanced Technology Center is a fully staffed Customer center, with sales, service, training, parts, and show room that display the latest in bending and beyond bending.




The new NUMALLIANCE Mexico subsidiary has been inaugurated beginning of 2013. Located in Guadalajara, this new subsidiary is a fully staffed Customer center, with sales, service, training, parts, and show room that display the latest in bending and beyond bending.




Present in China for many years, NUMALLIANCE decided early 2013 to get a stronger foothold into the Asian market by setting up its subsidiary. China basing its economic development on industrial growth, offers a wealth of opportunities for a very strongly automotive and air and space supplier such as Numalliance. Located in the vicinity of Shangai, NUMALLIANCE China Advanced Technology Center is a fully staffed customer center, for sales, service, training, parts, and show room that display the latest in bending and beyond bending.




Early 2014 NUMALLIANCE open the door of its German subsidiary in Germany in order to get closer to its customers in the german market. NUMALLIANCE GmbH shows the commitment the company to be present in the long term in that market and will be used a spring board to further expand in Easter European countries. NUMALLIANCE GmbH Advanced Technology Center is able to meet every wire, tube and flat-stock bending expectations and secondary operation. The subsidiary has a pre-sales and after-sales services.

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