Before & After

Technical Support and Overhaul

In addition to providing a wide range of used machines, you are also guaranteed reliable and quick pre and post-sale service.

Technical support is provided by a highly efficient and professional staff with many years of training and experience.

We can perform maintenance, machine overhauls and machine retrofitting to comply with standards even on units prior to 1995 (in other words without EC conformity) at any level, taking care of both the MECHANICAL and ELECTRONIC parts.


Therefore, our services, complementary and synergistic with sales operations, are the following:


1. MECHANICAL OVERHAUL with reconstruction of the mechanical parts such as:


  • Gears, bushings, connecting rods, pistons, gasket reconstruction, roll grinding, overhauling of clutches, etc.
  • Installation of new lubrication systems
  • Installation of new electrical systems, relative on board equipment, certificates
  • Complete certified retrofitting